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Our lawyers have gained significant experience with renowned national and international law firms. The team also includes professionals that cooperate with primary Italian universities or have been admitted to practice law in other countries of the European Union.

We are international, by definition. We speak the same language as our international clients, particularly German, English, Spanish and French; we know their background, their culture, their markets and their competitive structure. Our team can therefore offer not only its considerable expertise and skills in the legal field, but also a specific knowledge of clients’ countries.


Jenny.Avvocati assists Italian and international clients active mainly in the following business sectors:

  • Equipment and machine tools
  • Civil and Industrial plants, railway infrastructures
  • Steel and metallurgical industry, automotive
  • Banking and insurance
  • Retail and Large-Scale Distribution
  • Consumer goods
  • Biomedical
  • Chemistry
  • Logistics
  • Private equity and venture capital
  • Art
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Sports


Jenny.Avvocati has a real passion for art.

Over the years, our love for art - in particular contemporary art - has given rise to partnerships with some of the most interesting artists thanks to the exhibition of their works in our offices.

With the same spirit, this tradition is continued through our new website, which offers a virtual exhibition space for a number of interesting works by major international and Italian artists.

An exclusive and
tailor-made legal assistance
that puts clients in the


our law firm was founded

We have been serving different types of clients for nearly thirty years: large international groups and listed companies, along with medium-sized enterprises and family businesses.

Our approach is multi-disciplinary because in an increasingly connected and interdependent world it is vital to provide clients with integrated answers. This allows us to tackle clients’ issues from different perspectives and to act beyond the boundaries of each individual legal discipline.

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Jenny.Avvocati achieved several awards over the years. Such awards are based on researches carried out both in Italy and abroad by independent third parties and without any influence.

Below are some of our awards:

We offer solutions
which are valid for the future.

Practice areas

The M&A, Corporate & Restructuring team assists Italian and international clients, including industrial and commercial companies, financial intermediaries, banks and insurance companies.

Our scope of work includes the legal due diligence activity, all aspects relating to financing and the drafting and negotiation of contractual documents, and may be extended to the competition law issues raised by transactions.

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Jenny.Avvocati has been providing assistance in compliance matters for over a decade, when the consultancy activities in the drafting of compliance programmes pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 on corporate criminal liability started.

The expertise of the department also includes data protection law, competition law and safety at work, in relation to contractual and corporate governance issues. In this latter field, the team acts in close contact with the Corporate department. Clients belong to several sectors, such as large-scale distribution, construction, sharing economy.

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Jenny.Avvocati assists Italian and international clients in the structuring of any type of transaction, as well as in the drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts, taking care also of ancillary compliance and sector regulation issues.

This activity is performed both in favour of manufacturing and of trading companies, and refers to all types of contracts with an increasing focus on new technologies and sales techniques. Our consultancy also encompasses matters concerning commercial practices and consumer protection.

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A deep knowledge of the peculiarities of the Real Estate market and of its commercial and legal dynamics is fundamental in order to offer a genuine added value to the business of our clients, as well as a multi-disciplinary approach is indispensable in a complex and global market like the current one.

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The Jenny.Avvocati labour team has an in-depth and consolidated experience both in labour law and in trade union law.

Our Law Firm has been assisting for many years Italian companies and international groups in the all kind of legal matters concerning the management of employment relationships.

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The banking, insurance and finance law department of Jenny.Avvocati has a wide knowledge and experience in providing consultancy in favour of a wide range of Italian and international market players, such as banks, insurance companies, distribution intermediaries, which act both under the freedom to provide services and under the right of establishment regimes, acting in close contact with the client and with a deep knowledge of the relevant markets.

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In any litigation activity, not only legal competence but also a deep knowledge of clients’ industries is a precondition.
In addition to an extensive knowledge of law (i.e. civil and commercial law, corporate law and bankruptcy law), the litigation team has gained a cross-sector experience enabling to deal with complex cases involving Italian and international companies active in a wide range of industries (e.g. energy, chemicals, pharmaceutical and biomedical, construction, transport, telecommunications, automotive etc.).

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In its nearly 30-year consultancy activity, also for international clients, Jenny.Avvocati has gained a specific experience in providing assistance on commercial contracts to companies operating in the fashion and design industries and can understand their peculiar needs.

Jenny.Avvocati has an in-depth knowledge of the art market, which allows providing assistance to all operators of the industry including artists.

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Lawyers who speak
the client’s language

Knowing the different types of clients, understanding the dynamics of their business, supporting them in their work and anticipating their needs is the natural way for us to operate. For this reason, we always provide tailor-made solutions that take into account the actual needs of our clients. Speaking the language of the client means this to us.

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  • - 20/11/2019 - Evento: Il rapporto di lavoro del dirigente – amministratore: profili giuslavoristici e societari
  • - 23/10/2019 - Dal mattone al taxi: una nuova concezione della casa
  • - 21/10/2019 - Avvocati e notai, professioni sempre più spesso affiancate
  • - 18/10/2019 - Cedolare secca al 12,50%, un autogol per le famiglie
  • - 17/10/2019 - Ostelli e senior housing, gli asset alternativi da monitorare
  • - 15/10/2019 - Neuregelung der Verpflichtung zur Ernennung des Kontrollorgans einer GmbH in Italien
  • - 09/10/2019 - Evento: La concorrenza sleale – profili giuslavoristici, commerciali e processuali
20 Novembre 2019


Evento: Il rapporto di lavoro del dirigente – amministratore: profili giuslavoristici e societari

Il convegno organizzato in collaborazione con Convenia si propone di fornire un quadro completo della disciplina di tali rapporti delineando dapprima le differenze riscontrabili dal punto di vista ontologico tra il rapporto società – amministratore e società – dirigente, e concentrandosi successivamente sugli aspetti legali alla costituzione, gestione e cessazione di tali rapporti.

Luogo e data: Milano, 20 novembre 2019 – Roma, 27 novembre 2019

Orario 9.00 – 13.00 Sede: NH Milano Machiavelli

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23 Ottobre 2019


Dal mattone al taxi: una nuova concezione della casa

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21 Ottobre 2019


Avvocati e notai, professioni sempre più spesso affiancate

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18 Ottobre 2019


Cedolare secca al 12,50%, un autogol per le famiglie

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17 Ottobre 2019


Ostelli e senior housing, gli asset alternativi da monitorare

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15 Ottobre 2019


Neuregelung der Verpflichtung zur Ernennung des Kontrollorgans einer GmbH in Italien

Der neue Krisen- und Insolvenzkodex (der „Kodex“), der am 16. März 2019 in Italien in Kraft getreten ist, hat Artikel 2477 des italienischen Zivilgesetzbuches geändert und die Verpflichtung zur Bestellung eines Kontrollorgans für italienische GmbH erheblich erweitert.

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9 Ottobre 2019


Evento: La concorrenza sleale – profili giuslavoristici, commerciali e processuali

Il convegno organizzato in collaborazione con Convenia si prefigge l’obiettivo di far luce sulle principali criticità e opportunità delle fattispecie limitative della concorrenza come codificate nell’ordinamento italiano, analizzando gli istituti giuridici relativi ai patti di non concorrenza, in particolare nel rapporto di lavoro subordinato, nella norma generale dell’art. 2596 c.c., nel contratto di agenzia, con cenni relativamente al trasferimento di azienda e di partecipazioni societarie.

Luogo e Data: Milano, 9 ottobre 2019 Roma, 16 ottobre 2019 Orario: 9.00 – 13.00 / 14.30 – 16.00 Sede Jenny.Avvocati: Via Durini 27 – 20122
T. +39 02 77803 1

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26 Settembre 2019


Evento: Outsourcing della logistica e dei trasporti come leva competitiva

L’avv. Matteo Di Francesco sarà relatore al convegno organizzato da Logistica Efficiente il 26 settembre a Mestre.

L’outsourcing logistico rappresenta una scelta di grande flessibilità che permette allo stesso tempo di focalizzare l’investimento delle risorse nel proprio core business. Tuttavia esistono elementi di rischio da non sottovalutare, che richiedono pertanto una metodologia di supporto alla realizzazione di una soluzione di successo.

Sede: Hotel Novotel Venezia Mestre Castellana
          Via Ceccherini 21 – 30174 Mestre (VE) Italia

Registrazione: 9:00 – 9:30
Fine lavori: 15:30

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25 Settembre 2019


Jenny.Avvocati con Oliver James Associates per l’accreditamento allo svolgimento dell’attività di ricerca e selezione del personale

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